Laws and Regulations


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Law on Customs  acrobat
Anukrit 209 on Enforcement of the List of Prohibited and Restricted Goods  acrobat
Prakas No. 105 on Management of Goods that Exempt Duties and Taxes  acrobat
Prakas No. 106 on Customs Temporary Storage  acrobat
Prakas No. 107 MEF.BK on Reporting, Movement, Storage and Transport of Exported Goods  acrobat
Prakas No. 108 on Refund of Customs Duty and Taxes  acrobat
Prakas No. 109 on Management of Unclaimed Goods EN  acrobat
Prakas No. 110 on Extension of Customs Zone EN  acrobat
Prakas No. 111 on Authorization to Carry out Customs Formalities Outside Customs Offices EN  acrobat
Prakas No. 112 on Security  acrobat
Prakas No. 113 on Management of Documents Books Records and Other Information  acrobat
Prakas No. 114 on Determination of Exempt Goods  acrobat
Prakas No. 115 on Establishing and Functioning of Customs Brokers  acrobat
Prakas No. 116 on Customs Bonded Warehouse  acrobat
Prakas No. 117 on Temporary Export of Goods  acrobat
Prakas No. 387 on Customs Valuation of Imported Goods  acrobat
 Prakas No. 388 on Post Clearance Audit by Customs and ExciseDepartment  acrobat
 Prakas No. 389 on the Trasportation_Distribution_Possession of Imported Goods  acrobat
 Prakas No. 508 on Customs Transit  acrobat
 Prakas No. 734 on Special Customs Procedure for SEZ  acrobat
 Prakas No. 735 on Procedure for the Management of Specially-Designated Goods  acrobat
Instruction No. 790 on Procedures for Customs Transit  acrobat
 Prakas No. 928 on Temporary Importation Under the Temporary Admission  acrobat
 Prakas No. 1447 on Customs Declaration Provisions and Procedures  acrobat